The Chimpions

Save the Chimps' Caregivers
Dante, Deanna, Carmine, and T

For the benefit of:
Save the Chimps
About my Fundraiser

We are caregivers at Save the Chimps and are participating in this year’s Chimpathon. 
We need your help! We’ve formed a team called the Chimpions and we’re trying to raise funds to support the chimps we love and care for every day. 
We'd like to present a fun challenge of who can raise more money - our team or Doc, this year’s mascot! 

Did you know the annual cost to care for a chimpanzee is $16,000?
All the donations we raise will go towards providing the chimps with food, medicine, enrichment, and everything else they need to be happy and healthy. 

Please help us meet our goal! No donation is too small…or too big! Thank you!

Go Chimpions!